Saco Bay Citizens for Sound Money

STOP using THEIR money
START using YOUR money

Why Become Involved With Us?

Are you tired of high prices affecting your economic well-being? Tired of seeing the cost of everything go up every year? Here’s your opportunity to help change that!

Our Purpose:

Welcome to Saco Bay Citizens for Sound Money! Our purpose is to get individuals in the Biddeford, Saco and Old Orchard Beach Maine area using U.S. Mint coins for part of their purchases at local businesses. We also aim to get small businesses accepting silver coins and rounds for customer purchases.

How It Works:

It’s simple: Convert some of your Federal Reserve Note paper bills every week into US golden dollar coins (i.e. Sacagawea , U.S. Presidential and other US Mint issued coins) at your local bank or credit union. Start regularly using them for $5.00 to $10.00 of your purchases at the grocery store, supermarket, take-out places, gas station, etc. Recommended amount to convert each week: $20.00 to $30.00 dollars.

The Benefits:

By doing this simple and easy action, you will:

  1. Start reintroducing the idea to merchants and your fellow citizens that real money is metals-based coinage and not unbacked paper bills like Federal Reserve Notes.
  2. Help offset the negative effects of our current paper U.S. Federal Reserve Note unbacked dollars on our local economy. By using metallic coins for your purchases, you are using a form of money that is VALUE-BASED and not DEBT-BASED (as are Federal Reserve Notes).
  3. Start to restore ownership of the money to the people, as well as help to put a lid on rising prices … finally!
  4. Help shield and protect the Saco Bay area economy from upcoming future economic downturns as a result of the bankers and politicians inflating the current system of unbacked paper money (i.e. Federal Reserve Notes)

Eventually, we hope to have as many consumers as possible start using the American Silver Eagle bullion coins (and other privately-minted silver rounds) at local businesses, as well as having merchants accept them for purchases of goods and services. This will do a great deal to restore ownership of the money to you and all our fellow local citizens. Everybody wins! (except the politicians and bankers of course!)


Presidential Dollar Coin Reverse
Sacagawea Dollar Coin Reverse

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